About Us

BANGKOKDJS is an event and artist management company formed to provide for the growing demand for quality events management, experienced DJs, cutting-edge sound & light equipment, and other industry-related professionals.

This is why we can help you with your next event:

At DJ Center Studio Co., LTD we put considerable value on creativity, logistics, coordination and innovation, relying only on highly motivated associates and clients with a high degree in quality and value consciousness.

1. Creativity and Enthusiasm

Both are positive and contagious. They are also the foundation for innovation – one of the values that is the basis for how we do business.

2. Innovation

Innovative developments form a bridge to the future. Thinking ahead is therefore a decisive factor when it comes to handling your event requirements.

3. Quality

All we do is aimed at creating enthusiasm and ensuring that you enjoy working with us. And we know that this can only be achieved by providing quality in all areas.

4. Courage

Your event will be successful and moving forward. We are certain of this, having organized and served many events and enjoyed consistently positive cooperation with our clients.

5. Reliability

Good partners can rely on each other. This is our duty on a daily basis, and it goes without saying that this also applies to your event’s results and benefits.


Thapanon (Nin) - (DJ)
Founder & Managing Director
Mariano (Manod) - (DJ)
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Stage SFX Engineer
Adithep (Jay)
Technical Infrastructure 
Panida (Nut)
Chief Financial Officer
Tanakron (Gamepk)
Sound & Lighting Technician
Yossatorn (New)
Sound Engineer
Chanya (Milk)
Localization Engineer
Wanchai (S)
Electronics Technician

Our services are addressed to corporate, schools, universities, organizational and social events, ensuring that all logistics are taken care of. Get guaranteed value-added service, with friendly multi-lingual trained staff, to excel at the different points of contact with your event.

Who We Are

BANGKOKDJS is an event supplier and artist management platform operated by DJ Center Studio Co., LTD to provide for the growing demand for quality event supplies, experienced DJs, cutting-edge sound & light equipment, and other industry-related professionals.

How We Do It

Being geared to the demands of the market, a sense for extraordinary staging, commitment to innovative concepts and the absolute will to make the impossible possible, characterize our daily work. 

what We Do

Professional entertainment coordination and planning, audio equipment, lighting systems, DJs, VJs, Special FXs, AV solutions including LED TV and projectors, live band equipment, among other client specifics needs, arranged in modular flexible packages.