DJ Andrea Pomeje based in Prague (Czech Republic, Europe) mostly plays Melbourne Bounce spiced with the mix of elements of various styles, and her true passion with super-energetic style of mixing.

Over the last year, many things happened. She became the most media observed DJ in her country and also travelled a lot residing for a while in Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Mexico and Thailand – Bangkok and Koh Samui, where she succeeded with her gigs enough to bring her new offers to get back and perform again.

 She is the host of the radio show Music Toaster in the prestigious SeeJay Dance Radio.


In addition, she worked for the global beauty brand Xen-Tan. One of her tracks has been used as part of the soundtrack in the upcoming Czech feature film Jak se zbavit nevěsty (How to Get Rid Off the Bride) which is going to be released this year. Currently, she is working on a new track accompanied with a musical video. Andrea finds producing music quite enjoyable and fun and she would like to dedicate more time to it in the coming year, but DJing is and always will be on the first place for her!