Ikono stands for iconoclash.
A project coming from the craving of exploring. New boundaries, all and nothing, a mix of all the poems that crossed our existence, all the writers that sat in our living room describing their fires.
Coming from the center of Italy, ikono promptly faced his appetite for music starting his 360 degrees journey joining punk and metal bands throughout the underground Italian scene. 
He then continued the trip in the direction of electronic music migrating to Rome, Milan, London, Berlin, Beijing, Melbourne and temporarily settling in Bangkok, where he is presently resident dj in several clubs.


He is the co-­‐founder of the successful promoters collective and label Elektro Delikatessen, based in Bangkok as well. 
Ikono has played warm ups and b2b gigs with international artists such as Pan Pot, Robosonic, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Stefano Noferini, Alle Farben, Marcus Meinhardt, Supernova, Oliver Huntemann, Nils Hoffmann, Adana Twins, Florian Meindl etc. 

Parental Advisory: Expect Eclectic Experiences


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Artist: Ikono