J.F.K has been in the Jungle (DNB) scene from the begining. hailing out of north west England. He started out in the electronic music scene around the breakdance era.


Going around with the full force crew, with a roll of lineo from his friends kitchen and a gettoblaster straight out of (Do The Right Thing).

A few years down the line the early rave days had started. “All you got was a phone number then you had to find the field or warehouse where it was been held”. Sneaking out to go along to these was a great fun, but before too long the government had other ideas and made it illegal so it all moved into clubs. Now limited to going out J.FK would go down to the clubs after and continue the patry with everyone at the service stations up and down the M6 motorway.

This wasn’t good enough so it wasn’t long before he tried his luck at Shelley’s Lazerdome Stoke-On- Trent. 

“Back then things were different all music styles were played in one room it didn’t matter”. After a while things changed and the split started and clubs catered for one type of music all night. So now it was all about the Jungle, with nights every weekend at Quest and Entropy which later became club Kinetic. “This is where later on I meet Wilf Prophecy (Metropolis-club night) and now producers North Base”.

It’s around this time J.F.K started mixing he already had a record collection building up living out his week days at Easten Bloc records and Spin In records in Manchester where friends Mark XTC, Marcus Intalex and Sappo were working. From then on he started djing out all over in and after parties, or in a field or warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

Not long after he was playing in clubs along side many names, Groverider, Fabio, Mampi Swift, Nicky Blackmarket, Clipz, Sappo, Mark XTC, Dj Silver, Tonn Piper (MC) DJ Prophecy and DJ Genious the list goes on. It was later on that J.F.K moved into the studio and started making beats, but a change in direction saw him move away to Thailand.

Now back in the studio and with the vast selection to play old or new beats though the years is able to cater for any jungle, DnB, music lover. He’s ready to entertain you with new fresh beats in his bag and his skills as a mix and blend master. Get Ready to be put though the paces with new school, old school sounds, jungle, DnB, 140bpm.


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Artist: J.F.K