Jose Jimenez

José Jiménez is one of the freshest DJ / producer talents of the electronic scene of Venezuela for the World.

jose jimenez

José Jiménez is one of the freshest DJ / producer talents of the electronic scene of Venezuela for the World, this artist with over 10 years experience in the Djing has managed to rapidly scale up the international electronic scene throwing own productions and remixes major record labels in the world like; Broadway Records, JPride Entertaiment, Songs 2 The World, 9Th Floor Recordings, AP Music Records, Cafeswizz Productions, Controversial Records, Madame Visage, Sobel Nation Records, Scarecrow Music, Dance Zone Records, Planet House Music, Planeta Mix Spain, lplug Records, Red Records, Workout Music Records, MNM Records Sweden, Ideekomitee Records, Ibiza Sound Deluxe Records, Vip House Records, HF Recordings, Tendenzia Records, Pink Flame Records, Dirty Talk Recordings, ADP Music Records, Silvio Rodrigues Music, Roraima Records, Passion Recordings , HMSP Music, This Beat Records, Fire Beats Records, E Pride Records, etc. In 2004 Warm-Up was the Eve Night at the CENTRO-FLY Exclusive Club of New York USA, Kamy Beach, Beach Bar, Nova Cafe, David Club, Space Club, Moskito Coast Vip Club, Señor Frog, Daddys Latino, Bora Bora, Tiffany Beach, Babylon Margarita Island, etc. During his career shared the stage with artists like John Creamer, Liquid Todd (K-Rock), Trendroid, Dan Barnes, Small Changes, Dj Ferrari, Lunic and Frank Rempe, Sean Cormac, John Cacciatore, Terry Francys Fabrik Club London, among others, in 2011 the prestigious list shows TheDjlist José Jiménez Ranked No. 37 of the World Top40 Electronics mention, has participated in prestigious events and clubs in your country Venezuela in which a given numerous concerts with complete success and acceptance companies like Red Bull, Yamaha, Dass Audio, Pioneer and other prestigious brands worldwide, PEPSI Music Dj chose him as his musical tour to Venezuela.


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