Marco Galardi

Drummer, sound technician and sound designer for installations, documentaries and ad’s. He has played as a drummer and DJ in various musical contexts from jazz to electronic.



Marco Galardi A.K.A PULSE is an electronic composer,dj, live performer and producer. Drummer,sound technician and sound designer for installations,documentaries and advs.

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He has played as drummer and dj in various musical contexts from jazz to electronic and crossover- performing live in: France, Germany, India, Croatia, Mexico, Slovenia, Iceland, Australia, U.S.A, Canada, Thailand, Singapore and all part of Italy.

As electronic composer in 2005 he published his first soloist Album :Pulse (pippola music) a mix of various genres where he plays all electronics parts and drums. In 2007 he published a single track : Sheyla Fort (Guardian Label). In 2009 he published with trumpet player Franco Baggiani : Smooth (Soundrecords) and the mini EP with his parallel project ENDORPHINE : Sheyla too (labella records)

In 2010 he published SYNOPSI with Stereo Hypnosis from Iceland.His last album “Bugis”is a crossover between electronic,ethnic and rock. It’s available on all major music portals He works also as tecnician and sound/video performer with interactive company theater TPO with many tours around the world: France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Canada, U.S.A, Bahrain and the U.K.

Sound designer for sound installations, sound branding he is located between Singapore, Thailand and Italy and he is the Director of sound agency LORELEI.