Currently the resident at FUSION CLUB in Lamai, Koh Samui, Thailand for the past 4 years.


It was the year of 1990 when he started spinning in his hometown (Aywaille) in Belgium. He began producing party’s for 500-1000 people. Usually held these parties in unique locations like castles and open air parties where he invited DJ’s from France, Germany and of course the Top DJ’s from Belgium.

In 1995/96 started playing as resident DJ in Chapelle along with monthly party concepts. The first five months of 1996 were spent in Benidorm, playing in the biggest clubs like Amnesia or Pacha. After that, Naq spent 6 months on the Isles of Teneriffe and after that returned home for few months to do a few different parties.

In September of 1997 traveled to South Africa. The reason? To play at the Desert Storm Festival. It was 1000 km south of Johannesburg and, he performed in front of a 4000 person crowd to begin with. In this moment he didn’t even know that “I Freak Da Rhytme” Concept was about to begin.

He spent the next 5 years traveling all over Africa. He was very busy playing beach party, clubs, and open air parties in the jungle. At this time Naq also played some events in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. In the mean time Naq was living in Johannesburg and that’s where he learned from his friend who is also a producer how to use many different types of music software. They also made some tracks together but unfortunately nothing was released. These 5 years in South Africa were one of the best experiences he could ask for as a Dj. This was when Naq came up with the concept for “I Freak Da Rhytme” and then bounced back to Belgium in 2002 where he continued to create music and produce parties under his new concept for the next two years.

In September of 2004 Naq was booked to play for only one month in Chengdu, China. Through contacts made in his first month in China. Naq was booked to play for the next four years. Over this time he toured and played festivals and beach parties and was a resident DJ in clubs like New Bar and Manhattan. Naq toured with Tsingtao, Chivas and Dewars on tours that traveled to over 30 cities a year. Then it was in Australia for three months where he stayed in Melbourne and was resident Dj at StarGarden and guest DJ at Homebass. After a short time in Australia Naq returned to China where he continued working and started producing again but unfortunately nothing was ever released.

In November of 2008 he moved to Koh Samui, Thailand where Naq was booked to be resident DJ in Monkey Bay Beach Bar in Chaweng and Fusion Club in Lamai. While in Koh Samui he played in many beach parties, clubs and festivals such as Re-Earth and also traveled to Koh Tao and Koh Phanang for Full Moon parties. From May to November of 2010 he toured in Bali, Indonesia where he played a lot of boat parties and in clubs like Living Room, gallery and, Deja Vue.

In November of 2010 Naq traveled back to Koh Samui to reclaim my spot as resident DJ at Fusion Club and Monkey Bar. After 7 years away he returned home to Belgium, where Naq played in clubs like Fuse ,City Parade and, Francoffolies and Sunday garden parties for the next six weeks. Touring back to Koh Samui again where continued at Fusion Club Monday nights. Naq was contacted by Daniele (Billo Music) and they decided to start working on “Koh Samui Feeling”.



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