L.A.U Dong Hyeon Kyung Jin Choi / SINGER GROUP - A GREAT NUMBER OF CAREER IN BROADCAST MEDIA AS WELL AS EXCLUSIVE CONCERT MORE THAN 100 TIMES - CAREER: L.A.U debuted on 2014 as a five-member group by the name of  "LU:KUS".

On 2016 they changed their name to "L.A.U" and currently they're performing as a trio formed by the member Dong Hyeon Kyung Jin and Choi.


July 2014 - LU:KUS debuted with their 1st mini album titled "So into U"

January 2015 - LU:KUS 2nd mini album "Break Ya"

September 2015: LU:KUS 3rd mini album "Beautiful"

January 2016: LU:KUS Japanese debut single album "Break Ya" * Topped ORICON Daily Singles Chart. * Ranked 3rd on ORICON Weekly Singles Chart

January 2017: L.A.U 1st digital single album "Miss You (그리운다)" Part 10 of MBC's weekend drama "Father I'll Take Care of You" OST.

February 2017: L.A.U 2nd digital single album "Nam. Sa. Mot (Guys Can`t Forget Love) 남.사.못(남자는 사랑을 못 잊는다)"

June 2017: L.A.U 3rd single album "So Sweet (향기로와)" in JAPAN:  October 2016: L.A.U 1st Japanese single album "She's got me" * Ranked 6th on ORICON Daily Singles Chart

September 2017: L.A.U 2nd single album "Faker" * Ranked 3rd on Yamano Music Weekly Best-Selling Chart * Ranked 7th on Tower Records Weekly Best-Selling Singles Chart * Ranked 18th on Billboard Japan Top Singles * Ranked 11th on ORICON Daily Singles Chart * Ranked 21st on ORICON Weekly Singles Chart


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