EDM / Big Room

Mr Black featured

His groundbreaking productions characterized by outstanding kick and bass, powerful pumping-dirty beats, enchanting melodies and at the same time clean hi-tech effects.


Ruby and Tony featured

Multi-talented Ruby & Tony have been musical ambassadors for over a decade now, releasing and tweaking their steamed on productions on some of the world’s biggest stages in Europe, South America, Asia and Russia, living proof of their musical competence.

Rio Vegas featured

Conquering stages and crowds by headlining the biggest events all over the world. Now the two have joined forces. Each one brings his unique sound and style which creates “Rio Vegas” an EDM musical storm.


Head of the leading Japanese label and booking agency, NOGA RECORDS and the growing up new agency VILLA ARTIST MANAGEMENT in Bangkok, been an active figured in the global and the Japanese electronic music scene since 1996.