Heart Attack (Official Music Video) Demi Lovato

Electro Punk Rock Remake of Heart Attack by Demi Lovato
Remixed with “Just a dream” by Ludacris

Music Production
Producer- Antoni L. Perez
Sound Engineers – P Gun, P Num, P Ter
Recording Studio – Swanlake Studio
Vocals – Antoni L. Perez
Guitars – Kim
Drums – Richard Kyle
Bass – P Ter (Swanlake)
Electro Beats – P Gun, Antoni
Sound Effects – Antoni L. Perez
Twinkles Effects – T Maher
Special Thanks – John Bour

Video Production
Produced by – Antoni L. Perez, Kannikar
Directed by – Antoni L. Perez
Performed by – Antoni L. Perez, Eddie Smillie
Cinematography by – Keith Theerakulchai
Performance Advisor – Kru Marsh from Superstar Academy – Bangkok
Makeup and Hair by – Chris, Antoni
Wardrobe by – Antoni L. Perez, Jezele
Special Thanks to – Yes, R&B Thonglor 10, Mom and Dad, Christopher Folke and all the kids who dare to dream