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How To Pack a (Digital) DJ Bag

Ever spent weeks preparing for a big gig, only to arrive at the venue and realize that you’ve forgotten a necessary adapter, cable, or worse. As DJs, there are millions of things that can go wrong when leaving the comforts of our home studios to play out. In today’s feature, we share our favorite tips for packing your DJ bag so you can be sure not to forget anything important, get to the gig in one piece, and set up quickly and easily.

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We all have a tendency to get excited about shows and focus more on “getting our sets ready” than counting USB cables and perfecting our backpack Tetris skills. In celebration of the release of our new DJTT backpack v2, today we’re going to slow down a bit and cover some fundamentals. Remember, you do not start being a DJ once you get to the show. Your job is to provide music – and that requires that you have all your necessary gear!


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