Interview with DJ EThemiz

DJ EThemiz


Bangkok – DJ EThemiz (Nicky) is resident DJ at the club Levels and member of BangkokElectro. In this edited video interview transcript with bangkokdjs, she explains what BangkokElectro is and why she learns music production.



Nicky’s Message:

I’ve been given a good opportunity to prove my skills and determination and I’d like to encourage other people to support teenagers, that have dreams and determination, too. It’s like the old saying: “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, you feed him for life.” I think it’s very important to encourage people to support the young generation and enable opportunities, cause right now Thai kids have less opportunities than foreign teenagers. It doesn’t mean that they’re less qualified, though. So, please support!


Why do you want to be a DJ?

Actually, I didn’t want to become a DJ when i played music for the first time, but I had the feeling that I made the audience happy. This made me so happy and I wanted this feeling back. So, I had to become a DJ.


What kind of music do you play?

I play “Electro”, “Progressive House” and “Dubstep”.


What is BangkokElectro?

“BangkokElectro” is a music family. It’s a group of people who believe that they can’t find happiness if they are without music, even for one minute. Everyone sticks together and stays with their beloved music. Everyone puts all their time and effort into the development of their music style as much as they can.


What artists do you like or inspire you?

There are many DJs/producers I like and who inspired me both domestic and international. As international artists, I like “Avicci”, “Axwell”, “Sander van Doorn” and my latest favorite is “Porter Robinson”. As domestic artist and hero, I like my brother, “DJ EM BangkokElectro”.


Where do you dream to perform as a DJ?

I dream of playing music in “Tomorrowland”. It’s the only place I dream of. Playing music there makes you feel like “Alice in Wonderland”. I like it very much. There is no place like this. “Tomorrowland”.


What about your overseas DJ experience?

I had the opportunity to play music in many countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other neighboring countries. It was fun and I could see the difference between playing abroad and in Thailand. Foreign audiences seem to be more open to music and to guest DJs than the domestic. I think this is why international audiences can fully enjoy the performance. If there are more open minded people, it would enable an opportunity for a bigger music market, where you can easily play all kinds of music. I think that you can play good music everywhere.


What are your future projects?

I started to learn music production, from editing to creating my own beats with my brother. I have the feeling that I want to be more than just a DJ. Since no one else understands my music ideas better than me, I started to study this field, so I’m able to execute these ideas. I’d like to be a female representative in this field and show that women aren’t “small” and that they’re qualified as well.


Where can we find you and listen to your mixes?

You can listen to my mixes at “Levels” each Thursday and Friday in the “Electronic Room”. I’m resident DJ there. It’s at “Hotel Aloft” Sukhumvit Soi 11. It’s a very beautiful place and I invite all of you to join me. The combination of great music and amazing location will boost your mood up to the moon. You can follow me on Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. And you can also listen to my mixtapes at SoundCloud.


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