Interview with DJ Nakadia

Glow, Bangkok
Glow, Bangkok


Bangkok – DJ Nakadia is the most prolific female Thai DJ with tons of performances worldwide. In this edited video interview transcript with bangkokdjs, DJ Nakadia shares her thoughts on the music development in Thailand and tells us what once happened to her in an Ibiza Hospital.



How did you start as a DJ?


I started as a DJ in 2002 and I’ve taught everything myself in this field. My fist appearance was in 2003, when I played music in a pub in Hanover/Germany. It was a very exciting experience for me. There were around 2500 people in the pub. I was very nervous. Prior to the concert, I told the

organizers that I’m pro and that I had three years experience as a DJ. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been allowed to perform. So, I acted as if I was a professional DJ and everything went well. In the first 15 minutes I was a little bit shaky, but after a while I got used to it. I played two hours in total.


Who are your favourite artists?


One of my favourite artists is “Richie Hawtin”. He has been in the music industry for many years and I like his work. We performed together at the Mad Club in Switzerland. It was very exciting to meet my idol for the first time. My other favourite is a famous producer, who has worked with many artists, such as “Loco Dice”. His name is Martin Butic. The quality of his work is very high. His production method is detailed and creates emotions. It’s simply amazing!


What music style do you like?


I like “Deep House”, “Tech House”, “House” and “Techno”. What kind of music I play depends on the location. Which pub, which city and which country. Here in Thailand, for example in the pub “Glow”, I like to warm up with 4 hours of “Deep House” first until I play “Techno”.


Any advice for new DJs?

I advise people interested in becoming DJs to think for a moment and ask yourself whether djing is something that you really want to do, so that you don’t waste your time. You need to love to listen to music. Practice for a while for yourself and when you think you are ready. Go for it! Don’t think about becoming famous and that you’ll travel to a lot of different places. Have fun with what you do first and good things will follow.


Your thoughts on your audiences?

From my experience in playing in many foreign locations, I think each crowd is different. People, who come to my concerts have only one purpose, which is to enjoy my music and have fun. There are no commercials in this kind of music like “Deep House”, “Tech House” and “Techno”. The audience expects to be surprised by my music. It wants to listen to music that it hasn’t heard before elsewhere. The same thing applies to me. When I buy new music, I want to be surprised as well. Sometimes, I don’t even remember the titles, but I like to mix fresh tunes that surprise me.


Which music applications do you use?

In 2012, I will regularly release tracks each month. When I travel, I use Ableton Live to collect music ideas. Back at the studio in Berlin, I use Logic Pro to work further on these ideas.


What are your upcoming projects?

One of my planned projects is to make an album. Personally, I like “Funk”, “Jazz” and “Soul”. I want to combine these music styles with electronic beats at the speed of 110 bpm. Not too underground. And there are many more projects planned.


Your thoughts on music development in Thailand?

In the past, I thought Thailand needed a change, the way electronic music is perceived. Today though, I think there has been a growing up process in this field. Many famous artists now come to Thailand and I’m proud that I can play my music style everywhere in the country and entertain people.


So, what happened to you in Ibiza?

One crazy thing happened to me recently after I played music in Ibiza. My flight got cancelled and I had no place to stay, cause I already checked out of the hotel. Fortunately, a friend, who had a surgery and had to stay at a hospital, told me that there is a free bed in the same hospital room and that I could sleep there. The next morning while my friend was out of the room, a doctor came by and wanted to check my blood.

I said, “NO, NO, it’s not me. The patient you are looking for will be back soon.”


Where can people follow you?

You can follow my work on Facebook and Youtube. I’d like to invite all of you to come to my concerts, enjoy music, dance and have fun, when I come back to Thailand in January/Febuary 2013, provided the world still exist. Right?! See you then!


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