Interview with Mody Sky Walker

Mody Sky Walker

Bangkok – DJ Mody Sky Walker is an Underground Techno DJ and has played in many clubs throughout Bangkok. In this edited video interview transcript with bangkokdjs, Mody talks about his strange experiences with Thai clubbers and Bangkok’s nightlife scene.



What kind of music do you play?

I play “House” and “Techno”, depending on the location and audience.


Please tell us about your first time as a DJ

The first time I played music in a club was at “Nana Disco” and there were around 100 people. It was fun. A lot of people. It helped me gain self-confidence.

Did you play music in other countries?

I played music once in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam. It’s a city where you can have fun, but it may not be suited for DJs playing international music, cause people there clearly have their own music culture. So, I had sort of fun. But for tourists this city is terrific.


Do you produce music?

I just started to learn music production. In the past, I use to play instruments and I thought about producing. I tried “Reason”, but now I learn “Ableton”, cause I can play live with it as well. I’m still in the learning phase at the moment.

Any strange music request experiences?

Most of the time it happens in Khao San Road when I play “House”. Thai clubbers, who don’t understand this style of music, asked me why I don’t play “Hip Hop” or “Thai Music”. The weirdest music request was, when someone asked for “Phleng Luk Krung” (a genre of Thai pop music) in a club at Khao San Road. It makes you wonder, whether you’re at the wrong place or they are. Weird. But it’s not serious.


What is your advice for new DJs?

You have to love to listen to music first. Listen to a lot of music and have fun with it. Then you will enjoy playing music. Don’t focus too much on working as a DJ. Have fun first!

Where would you like to play music?

Of course, I’d love to play in Ibiza/Spain. In Thailand, I’d like to play at Koh Samui.

Who are your favourite artists?

Right now, I like a producer called “UMEK” and his label. “Blue Fin” and “Hell Yeah” are among my favourite labels as well.

What do you think about the nightlife scene here?

I’d like to see a broader music style in the nightlife scene, cause it seems that only commercial music is played right now. Things change over time, though. We should be open to other music styles as well and consider the club scene as tourism rather than protected heritage.

Where did you play music in Bangkok?

I played in a lot of clubs like “Bed Supper Club”, “Demo” and other places that probably have been shut down already. I like “Bed” and “Demo”. They’re very fun places. I hope to play in Koh Samui, Koh Phangan someday.

Do you remember the first tune that you bought?

First CD I’ve ever bought was from “Jamiroquai”. The first track I’ve played as DJ was “Little L”.

What are your next projects?

I want to produce more music and organize good parties. We’ll organize beach parties around the “High” period.

Where can we listen to your mixes?

You can see me at “Wine Me Up” Thonglor 13 and “Demo” Thonglor at the beginning of each month on Wednesdays. You can also listen to my mixes on on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, when I play a 2 hour set.


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