Interview with Swindali

Resident DJ in some of the biggest and best clubs in Bangkok, he has also been the first foreigner to play in several super clubs around Thailand. In this interview with bangkokdjs, Swindali tells about his experience in Bangkok’s nightlife scene.

What kind of music do you play?

I am an open format DJ playing most commercial styles such as Hip Hop, EDM, Trap, House and more.


Please tell us about your first time as a DJ

My first time to DJ was in the UK supporting some famous DJs at big parties,  like Chase and Status, Goldie and High Contrast, great experiences.
My first professional experience in Bangkok was for a Fashion TV party which was also filmed on TV. It was intense!


Can you explain from your DJ perspective what does “read the dancefloor” mean?

For me its about watching the people, figuring out what they like by observing movement and switching the music style to consistently raise the energy. I love to see people have a great time and I work hard to make that happen.


Did you play music in other countries?

I have played in the UK, and have some dates in other Asian countries coming up in June.


Do you produce music?

Yes I have been played on national radio in the UK and have a lot of original music and remixes at:


Any strange/memorable music request experiences?

Too many. Once a girl cried because I didn’t play any Beyonce during a main room EDM set. In situations like these, I stay cool and play for the majority. The best experiences were during Songkran, playing for big crowds, splashing water and having a great time!




What is your advice for new DJs?

Work hard on your skills and music knowledge. Get out there and network with people in the industry. Work on your marketing. Live a clean and healthy life. Lose your ego.


Where would you like to play music (as a dream venue or country)?

I would love to tour the world. In particular I would love to play at Zouk in Singapore and Womb in Japan.


Who are your favourite artists?

MAKJ, Andy C, DJ Mustard, Kid Ink, Chris Brown, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, R3hab, Calvin Harris, Diplo and many, many more.


What do you think about the nightlife scene here in Bangkok?

here are so many amazing clubs, bars and venues here.  Respect to the promoters who are bringing many big international artists here now. Respect to all the local and Thai DJ’s who make the parties great and inspire me.


Where did you play music in Bangkok?

I have played in many places here, Mixx, Lava, Zero, Ocean, FTV, Qbar, Nest, Insanity, and more around Thailand.


Do you remember the first tune that you bought?

It was probably a Drum and Bass Vinyl. I used to have a room full of them.


What are your next projects?

To continue expanding my remix and production catalog, get some collaborations in, songs signed and played on radio. And to tour around Asia more.


Where can we listen to your mixes?

Weekly mixes and songs:
Information and Updates at:


Thank you very much for your time!

You are welcome!