Equipment Review

Musik – Socially Connected Smart Headphones

The new Muzik headphones have four buttons on the right earphone that let you save music tracks to your playlist as well as share them on Facebook, Twitter and the start-up’s own Muzik software app. To post a song on Facebook, you hold the button closest to your face; for Twitter, the button to the rear.

To save to a playlist, you hold the top button, and to save to Muzik’s app, the lower one. The headphones send signals to your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. The Facebook and Twitter links you post will direct users to song posts on Muzik’s platform, which works similarly to Instagram for photos, in that it tracks friends’ music, as well as top tracks based on charts and other music sites in the blogosphere.

The headphones also come with an onboard accelerometer, which could come in handy for features like automatically pausing music when a user removes them from his or her ears.

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