3D Video Mapping

Innovative 3D video mapping and visual projection solutions. Get original branding opportunities and cutting-edge non-traditional advertising concepts that create engaging customer experiences that can yield strong positive word-of-mouth and long-term viral effects.


Atmosphere creation for your showroom, shop, office, restaurant or nightclub.


Indoor and Interactive 3D Video Mapping.


Product display projection enhancements to stimulate customer’s interest and promote sales.

VJ equipment installations and live or preset VJing services.

For any building or venue, for outdoor as well as indoor, our productions always guarantee a WOW of your guests, clients, customers or audience.


The concept was to bring a immersive atmospheric experience to their function room. Our unique 3D projection changed the restaurants ceiling from something typical and unnoticed to something magical and talked about. We designed the installation to fit the unique shape of the building (half dome egg shape) and developed custom video content to fit their Chinese Dragon


3D projection mapping is a form of non-traditional outdoor advertising that offers an amazing branding and experiential marketing opportunity. 3D projection mapping combines 3D modeling and simulation with striking motion graphics to transform almost any surface into a dynamic digital canvas. You can turn entire buildings or city landmarks into gigantic moving objects communicating a desired brand message that resonates. Take your brand to the next level: 3D projection mapping creates memorable customer experiences that yield long-term online and viral effects. It is particularly suitable for marketing or sponsorship activation concept.