Will you make a smart choice and choose a great projector?

Nothing is more important than the quality of your visual presentation.

DPL Projectors offer superior picture quality due to its sophisticated chip-set that minimizes the gaps between pixels.
While the DPL Projector may carry a higher rental cost, its quality will leave a lasting impression with your audience.

We help you find the right projector to fit your configurations, venue and audience size. We will also set it up and make sure it runs smoothly.


Includes 1 FREE SCREEN (3X4 mts) 

5000 ANSI Lumens

5200 ANSI Lumens

5500 ANSI Lumens

6000 ANSI Lumens

6500 ANSI Lumens

7000 ANSI Lumens

8000 ANSI Lumens

9000 ANSI Lumens

10000 ANSI Lumens

12000 ANSI Lumens

15000 ANSI Lumens

20000 ANSI Lumens

We guarantee only high quality equipment and personalized services.

All projectors come with a VGA cable up to 50Mts


With Stand or Wall Hanging

4.5 X 6 Meters

5.7 X 7.7 Meters


3 x 12 Meters

3.17 X 15 Meters