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Whether you need your animated slogan displayed on the tallest building in Bangkok or you need a massive laser show spectacle for your convention booth, we’ve got you covered.

get your animated logo displayed on the tallest building in Bangkok 

Powered by Pangolin Laser Software  since the Early 90s.  Expert in All facets of the program Internatlaser Content is bundled with LD2000 since 1999 ( ILP Frames and Shows) Large proportion of content on Pangolin Cloud is the later works of Internatlaser.

turn-key laser show solutions for clients worldwide

International Laser Productions began in New Zealand in 1985, where we were the original Laser Company providing services to the entertainment industry. We developed the first laser billboards and the first dance parties using lasers for effects numerous Product launches and Corporate events. In 1990 moved to Singapore where were involved in the design and installation of major venues in SEA Shows and Installations in Indonesia up until present day. 2017 relocated to Thailand

35 years of experience

show installation

concept design

specialized in conception, design and implementation of different scales of laser and multimedia show installations.

Laser shows are spectacular events that emotionalize the spectators. As the laser beams are very thin and become visible in the whole room, people get the feeling of standing inside the laser, being part of the show, being integrated in the scenario.

Laser shows and light-art, for automated and synchronized playback in corporate, retail and leisure locations.

High performance, industry standard laser scanning platforms that are multi-media capable, delivering the sharpest graphics, animations and volumetric effects to your audience.

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